Tithing! If you were raised with any type of organized religious background you have always heard that God gives us 100%, and only expects 10% in return! The Bible speaks of this as Tithing. Our repayment to God, for 'all the gifts' He gives us. That's a really small price to pay. He gives us 100%, we keep 90% and only have to return 10%. Wow, I wish we could do that with our loan companies! Organized religion teaches us that our repayment to God consists of giving 10% of our income to them. In other words, we're covered! Now I ask you, if we're also taught by organized religion that everything in this world belongs to God, then why would He need 10% of our income, when all the money in this world already belongs to Him? The fact is that organized religion is a Big Business! There's an age old saying, "If you really want to strike it rich, get into the sex or religion business." Let's get real, we're not fulfilling our Tithe or repayment to God, we're making someone rich by their use of God's name! Do you think I'm kidding? Take a good look at the car they drive or the home they live in. Big Business! If their confronted about those things, they will argue that those are their blessing's they received from God for doing His work. They will also argue that there is a lot of overhead involved in operating a religious institution. Staff salary's, housing, budgets, buildings, maintenance, utilities, ect, ect. We're talking about bringing us The Word Of God, not the operation of a Fortune Five Hundred Company with a 501c3 tax exemption! I'll give you a real life example of what I mean. In my past life I lived in the "jet setter" community of Boca Raton Fla. My family and I belonged to one of the many local Catholic Parish's. Because our community was considered "well to do", and according to them our Tithe consisted of 10% of our income, we were all requested to submit a copy of our W-2 wage earning forms so they could make sure we were repaying God everything we owed Him! Oh, it gets better! The very same Parish turned away a good friend, and neighbor of mine after he pleaded with them to hold a eulogy for his son who was killed in a tragic car accident on his 18th birthday. The Monsignor had asked for my friends name, and upon checking his Parish records found out that he was not a member. His response to my friend was "I'm sorry for your loss, but since your not a member of our Parish, we can't help you!" God's Work? I think not! I never set foot in there again. I used Catholicism to provide an example because that's where my experience lies, but from what I understand most organized religion's share the same agenda. Your Tithe or repayment to God as they define it, consists of a far greater effort on your behalf then just opening your wallet during the many times the 'basket or plate' is passed around during a religious service. God gives us far greater gifts than just our income, and those gifts are meant to be shared with others. I'm talking about our servitude to God through helping others. God gives us Love, Peace, Kindness, Happiness, Hope, and many other gifts as well as our income, and those are the gifts that are meant to be shared. Even something as minuscule as holding a door open for someone, helping a handicapped person or a little old lady across the street mean more to God than any monetary donation. Bet you won't hear that from the pulpit this Sunday! If your already helping others your doing God's Work, and your debt to Him is being repaid. If not give it try, you won't believe the peace and joy you'll feel in your heart! God's Love To You All, Pastor John
Religion Or Relationship? It's the age old belief that we need to have some type of religion in our lives in order to maintain a healthy relationship with God! We're taught that we must follow their way of teaching to the letter. Some forms of organized religion even teaches us that in order to go to God for forgiveness, you have to go through them! They also teach us that we're "all" born into to sin, live amongst sin, and that's the reason we need to "confess" our sins. Now I ask you if this is true, and we're "all" with sin then why would we need to go to another sinner to confess our sins? The argument they raise on that question is when your ordained you take an oath to abstain from sin. Oh I get it, by their being ordained they were given willpower to resist the temptation of sin far greater than ours! I was ordained, and I struggle with the temptation of sin on a daily basis. The truth is there is no magic wand to wave over someone to prevent them from sinning! I'll give you an example that will serve to prove both points of what I suggest. Back in the year 2003 in Hollywood Fla., a young man who was emotionally traumatized by an incident that took place when he was a child broke his silence and came forward accusing a well renowned Catholic Priest (who had been the Monsignor of a Parish there for over 20 years) of molesting him when he served as an Alter Boy. The Priest denied the allegations, but shortly after the young man came forward, two similar charges were filed by two other young men. The Priest was arrested and charged, but the charges were later dropped. It seems the Arch Dioceses Of Miami, which is over all the Catholic Church's in So. Fla. gave Six Million Dollars to be divided between the victims so they wouldn't press charges. What I'm trying to point out is for over 20 years that Priest must have heard many confessions, and "through God" forgiven many for their sins. Possibly the belief that he must abstain from sin was so overwhelming, it caused him to commit such heinous crimes. You don't need a go between to go to God, and it's not Religion He wants it's Relationship! God knows if we're truly sorry for our sins, and He forgives us through our hearts, where He lives in us all. Don't get me wrong I'm not against assembling as a group to Praise And Worship God, what I am against is the false prophecy that often is presented as well! Pray often and ask for God's blessing's and forgiveness! God's Love To You All, Pastor John
Who's A 'Real' Minister? The age old belief (that is still being practiced in most organized religion's today) is to be a Minister, Preacher, Priest or any other type of Religious Leader one must attend some form of "religious higher learning." Whether you attend a Bible College, The Seminary or some other form of Religious Education, according to them you've received everything that is necessary to minister to others. If this is true, which college, seminary or other place of 'religious higher learning' did Mosses, Mohammad, The Apostles, and every Great Spiritual Leader, including Jesus Himself attend? Oh that's right, they didn't have college in those days! Then where did they get all that knowledge? The answer is, from God! They were brought to ministry through God, and He is the only one who can truly do so. When God touched my heart, and told me to minister to those who had been turned away by others for their lifestyle choices, He didn't direct me to run right out and register for college. Instead He led me to an Online Ministry where I could be become an Ordained Minister receiving all the same 'legal rights' as any other Minister, Preacher, Priest, ect, ect, ect! In other words, I can legally perform marriages, preside over funerals, give last rights, and minister to others. All without a college degree! God can bring anyone to ministry. Have you ever held another person in your arms during their time of need, telling them everything was going to be alright and maybe even praying to God with them? If the answer is yes at that time in your life, God brought you to ministry. Listen to your heart's, and answer when He calls! God's Love To You All, Pastor John  

Sex! Procreation Or Pleasure? We have been taught (through organized religion) that God created sex for the sole purpose of procreation! Henceforth comes the procedural term called The Rhythm Method. This procedure of counting the days of a woman beginning and ending her menstrual cycle, and having sex on or around the middle of their cycle  (according to them) will almost guarantee she will be with child. For those of you who have tried and failed with this method, we know it not be true. The only one who can guarantee a woman will be with child is God, and He sends a child into this world of His own purpose! If we're also taught that God is perfect, and He created us in perfection, then if sex was just for procreative purposes every time we had sex we would procreate. The truth is God created sex for pleasure! There are many erogenous zones found on our body's, all designed to bring us pleasure. So next time you have sex, enjoy it for the pleasure of which God gave it to us! God's Love To You All, Pastor John

Adultery! What Is This Act? This ones cut and dry, having sex with someone other than your spouse. At least that's what we're supposed to believe! It's one of The Ten Commandment's, and has been clearly defined. The question is, defined by whom? Did God come before Mosses, and tell him word per bedim the definition of every Commandment? The answer is no! God gave us The Ten Commandment's as a guideline! The "definition" (as they call it) was Mosses interpretation of what God was saying to him. Did you know that The Ten Commandment's were handed down to Mosses by God at a time when people were living in polygamous relationships? It was alright to have multiple wives back then as long as they were your wives, but now it's not? The fact is that all through Biblical History organized religion has been trying to second guess God's messages and purpose for us, bending and shaping everything to meet their needs. If we don't follow their teachings to the letter, then we are sinners and will suffer the wrath of God! The truth is we have a loving, caring, and forgiving God, not one that wants to punish us every time we step out of line! The Act Of Adultery is offensive to God, but what is the real offense? Is it having sex with someone other than your spouse or deceiving them? If your telling your spouse your working late, but in fact your meeting with someone for the purpose of having sex your offending God! When your spouse finds out you have been deceiving them, it will cause them great pain and suffering which God will endure as well. The "real" Act Of  Adultery is deceiving someone who has entrusted you, thus offending God! So often times we in the Swinger Community witness the very ones (who are calling us sinners for our Lifestyle choices) commit those very acts! Sex was created for pleasure, and that pleasure can be enjoyed with others as long as your spouse is accepting of it. Talk this subject over with your spouse, you just might be surprised how much you both think along the same lines! God's Love To You All, Pastor John

The Bible! Fact Or Fiction? Throughout Biblical History the Bible has been the "go to" book! Henceforth comes the term Biblical History. But how much of the Bible is really Fact or Fiction? Some people base their whole belief or disbelief in God solely by what has been written in the Bible. If we read in the Bible that God gave someone a vision or a feeling in their heart they must perform an act, did God also give them a script so that they might perform exactly as He wishes? Did God call those who wrote in the Bible into His office (like a Boss and his Secretary) to "take a letter?" Do we know for a fact that everything that was quoted to have been said or done was by those who were said to have done them, and do we also know that some of those things just weren't written in dramatic fashion? The answers to those questions are no! I certainly wasn't there, were you? In some cases it was purely their interpretation of what God was trying to say to them, but in some cases not! The truth is the Bible is a story book, comprised by many authors, and some of the passages were written by spiritual leaders to help control their followers. Spiritual leadership (or organized religion as we call it today), have long since used God's anger as a way to instill fear. They say if you anger God, then you will suffer His wrath of punishment. The reason why they use God's anger (as they call it) to control their followers is simply to keep their followers their followers or in today's times keep the donation's flowing! Thus according to them your keeping on God's "good side." We have a Loving, Caring, Forgiving God, not one who needs to be feared. Still many of the passages in the Bible are a testimony to God's love, as He offers His outstretched hand to us all till death. The Bible is a great historic book of Biblical Times, but learn how to read between the lines and look to your heart's, where God's truth lives! God's Love To You All , Pastor John                                                            
Heaven Or Hell? In these troubled times now more than ever, people are turning back to the "Organized Religion" they were raised in as a way to cope with all their fears, struggles and emotions. As a result, "Organized Religion" is capitalizing on this! They have even turned against one another in an effort to instill fear into the others followers. One such Minister Dr. Robert Jeffress Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church in Wichita Falls, Texas (who employ's these tactics) has written a book on this subject entitled "Hell? Yes!" I have not read this book (nor do I plan to), but from what I understand it outlines the fact that if you don't believe in Jesus Christ you will not go to Heaven. If you believe in the whole Jesus On The Cross thing (like I do) then you know how it works. Jesus sacrificed His life for us, so that we could "All" have Eternal Salvation! According to Scripture He spoke from the cross in His own words, "Forgive them Father for they no not what they've done". He didn't say, oh yea by the way only the one's who believe in Me. He said "Them," meaning "All Of Them!"The Muslim religion teaches their followers that they must kill, and Martyr themselves in the name of their God, and by doing so will be granted Eternal Salvation and receive (as their just reward) 72 Virgins. I believe when they die and come before God, He is probably going to say to them something like this. Well I have some good news and some bad news. First the good news is, you made it Heaven! Now the bad news is, I never wanted you to kill anyone in My name, and I couldn't find 72 Virgins but can I interest you in some slightly used models? I use this satire as a way to show how misleading Organized Religion can sometimes be. Let me tell you something if Jesus allowed Himself to be hung from a cross, it wasn't so He could be most popular kid in the class and gain popularity with His followers. It was because He loves us "All!"  He doesn't care if you believe in Him or what your belief is. He just wants us "All" to know that He loves us, and is always here for us as He offers His outstretched hand to us "All" even in death. Yes, we "All" have the right to accept or reject Him in death (where He will reveal Himself to us) as well as life. As to "Hell? Yes!," I say "Hell No!" which is "All" our right to say regardless of our belief! God's Love To You All, Pastor John

Purgatory? Next! Ahh a place where we can go if we haven't "lived up to" God's expectations, but haven't been "bad enough" to suffer eternity in Hell! A second chance, but haven't we been taught that our whole life has been a series of "second chances" given by God. Then at death why would God (who is All Knowing of whats in our hearts), want to grade us on our achievements or under achievements. What then is Heaven like a college, where you must attain a certain grade point average in order to attend? Do we take a number, and have a seat? Or might it be in order to enter, we must have a "clean record" or we're sentenced to a place (like prison) where we do our time until God feels we have repaid our debt to society? "Some Organized Religions" teach this to be the truth. Purgatory or "Limbo" as they call it, is a place those that are not worthy of the gift of Eternal Salvation (at that time) go until they are. In other words if your one of their followers, but can't follow their "doctrine" to the letter (as they teach you should) and as result are fearful that you will suffer eternity in the "pits of Hell" don't worry we've got a place for you! God doesn't judge us for our mistakes in life, however He does know who has chosen evil over good. If your living your life (to the best of your ability), but still make mistakes God grants us "All" forgiveness without the fear of persecution. God knows our hearts, and knows we're not perfect. For those who have lived their lives of their own accord (meaning not being mislead by false prophecy, and continue their denial of Him even in death) catering to the "Dark Side", there is no "get out of jail free card" and they will suffer the wrath of Hell! When you hear His knock, open the door. God's Love To You All, Pastor John

It's The End Of The World! As We know It? Now this one really takes the cake! It seems that a California Preacher named Harold Camping, thinks he's a holy Krieskin the Magnificent, and can predict the End Of the World! He has made two such predictions. One back in 2005, and the latest one this past May 2011. As we all know neither one was correct! His answer to everyone was he must have gotten the date wrong, so he just simply set another one. This did not sit well with his follower's. Threats on his life, and vandalism of his Am radio station World Wide Family Radio have forced him into hiding. For his faithful follower's it has been like being a contestant on the popular game show Wheel Of Fortune. The thoughts of spinning the wheel for big money (or in this case Eternal Salvation) only to continually land on Bankrupt. The operable word here is Bankrupt, as he has fleeced his flock out of over $100,000,000.00! (yes One Hundred Million Dollars) If he preaches Christianity then he knows The End Times are spoken of all through the Bible, and there is no date. In fact Jesus Himself spoke these words from the cross, "No One Knows The Hour." He didn't say except Harold Camping! I guess he just passed that scripture bye. The point I'm trying make, is if you want your promised Eternal Salvation you don't have to buy it. It was given to us "all" freely and willingly, and is not for sale! The bus to Eternal Salvation is constantly stopping to pickup passengers. If you want to get on the bus, I know the Bus Driver would be happy to come get you. Beware of Snake Oil Salesmen, and Street Vendors, but rather look to your hearts for His true predictions! God's Love To You All, Pastor John

The Separation Of Church And State? Well as we all know this Country (The USA) originated as One Nation Under God. Through the years (as politics grew stronger), there has been an increasingly lack of need for God within it's structure! They explain this lack of need, as having to accommodate everyone's beliefs. The fact is that when this Country was originated there were many different belief's. The Church (organized religion) preached Hell, Damnation, and Fear of God's Punishment, thus creating the perfect platform to establish our government. Now we know (or at least some of us) we have a Loving, Caring, Forgiving God and not One that wants to Punish us every time we step out of line! That change in preaching (in some organized religion's) has loosened their grip on us, and the government fears that could happen with them as well. So push God away, then it's just them you have obey! Lately with all the turmoil in the World today, more and more people have been turning back to God as a way to cope with their problems. Of course politicians have recognized this, and are targeting them for their support in the upcoming 2012 Election. I've heard more Bible verses and scripture quoted by these Presidential wannabe's, then I've ever heard in my whole entire life! They can't have it both ways. Meaning they can't push God out of the government, then pick Him back up (like an old dishrag) then hang Him back out to dry when their done. God doesn't care whether you believe in Him or not, but I can assure you He takes great offense in being used for personal gain! We live in a world full of Evil, Greed, and False Prophecy. Look to your heart's, for knowledge is power! God's Love To You All, Pastor John

Greed, Greed, And More Greed! Now you know how I feel about organized religion, and the hypocrisy and underlying goals of those who claim to preach The Word Of God! According to a report in The Huffington Post, even in these toughest of times some preachers (as they call themselves) are cashing in! Living in multi million dollar Mansions, flying on their privately owned Jets, and living the "High Life!" Here is a link to the report. I must warn you, this may be as disturbing to some of you as it was to me! paid-pastors_n_1214043.html#s621802&title=Rick_Warren. On a recent talk show, Joel Osteen (said to be one of the most popular preachers in the world) was asked why he thought he needed so much? His reply was "How can I effectively preach the word of God when I'm poor, in despair, and depressed!" In other words, he feels that in order to preach to those who are poor, in despair, and depressed, he must be better than them! I'm not "Preacher of The Year" (nor do I wish to be), but you will never hear me say or imply that I'm better than anyone else! If a real "Soldier" stands in the trenches side by side with his fellow soldiers regardless of his rank, then shouldn't a "Real Preacher" be likened to do the same with his faithful followers? It is said that Jesus Himself lived amongst His followers (Disciples), and when He needed some "alone time" would retreat to the mountains to reflect upon His thought's. He didn't hop on His private jet, land on His private airstrip, and retreat to His private mansion. WTF! All I can say is they are The Epitome Of False Prophecy, and a slap to the face of every preacher (that is in the trenches with his followers) doing God's Work! But even with the "all" the temptation of the World's Greed, there are still some of us out here who have not been lured into it. Rick Warren of Saddleback Church is one such preacher who has seen the error of those ways. Having made tens of millions of dollars on his book entitled, "A Purpose Driven Life" he has given his church back 25 years of the salary he made as Pastor, and refuses to except any future salary. Instead he and his wife are practicing a "reverse tithe" where they give 90% of their income back, and live on 10%. While I don't believe that "our tithe" consists of just our income this is certainly a step in the right direction! There's an old saying, "If You Sleep With Dogs, You'll Wake Up With Fleas." Those who have walked around with that "silver spoon" in their mouth's will soon taste the vial upon it! Be careful of worldly created false prophecy, but rather look to your hearts where God's purpose and direction for you lie. God's Love To You All, Pastor John

Will The "Real" God Please Stand Up! God, Jesus, Allah, Jehovah, ect, ect, ect. Wow so many names! Then their are those who don't believe in any God (Atheists), those who believe their leader is not a God, but was a great teacher and the first person to receive enlightenment or nirvana such as Buddhism teaches, and host of many others who beliefs even include murder and catering to the dark side. But who is right? The answer is no one! What, haven't we been taught all our lives about God? That's right, taught or told by someone who God is or what to believe! Which do you think God would prefer, knowing of Him or knowing Him? I think the later part of that question to be the answer! But how do we meet Him? Do we friend Him on Face Book, find him on Craigslist or use some other form of social networking? The answer is no! To know God or whatever you chose to call Him, all you have to do is look to your hearts. You know that feeling you get inside, that happy feeling like your a kid again and your parents just brought you home that cute little puppy? That's God! He is part of all of us, and waiting for us to say hello. But what kind or rhetoric do we use to communicate with Him? Do we quote scripture? No, just sit back and listen He'll do all the talking and you won't believe what He'll say! You know all that greed, selfishness, and dis concern for others this world advocates we should have? Gone! Instead replaced with love, caring, and concern. You'll feel fresh, and renewed as you continue through this life knowing you have a purpose. God's purpose! When you hear His cute little bark, just smile! God's Love To You All, Pastor John 

Gays And Lesbians Able Get Legally Married? Is Our Government Coming Out Of The Closet? This is the most controversial subject of the year that just may seal the deal in the upcoming November Presidential Elections! Recently President Obama has thrown his hat in the ring giving his endorsement that all Gay and Lesbian Couples should have the legal right to enjoy "Matrimonial Bliss." He is now being called "The First Gay President!" After "coming out" he held a Presidential Fund Raiser Dinner in Hollywood California where the attendee's were made up of mostly Gay and Lesbian Film Stars, Film Critics, and those alike. As a result he raised the most money ever at any single Presidential Fund Raiser Event! Was this just a ruse to be reelected? Given the timing even the Gay and Lesbian Community is asking the same question. We'll just have to see! Even the "Romney Campaign" has jumped on the Gay and Lesbian train. The leader of The LDS (Mormon Church) held a service preaching love, and understanding of The Gay And Lesbian Lifestyle. Isn't that the same religious organization that was accused of giving California politicians money to vote against their states Gay and Lesbians legal right to marry (Proposition 8), and isn't Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney of the Mormon faith?  Of course this subject is not sitting well with all Organized Religions. Given the possibility of Gays and Lesbians receiving their legal right to marry, a North Carolina Pastor named Charles L. Worley of Providence Baptist Church has taken things to the extreme suggesting to his faithful followers that "he wants to round up and airlift all Lesbians, all Queers and Homosexuals into an electrified fenced in area (a type of concentration camp) where they can all die off." This has sparked protests, threats on his life, and has even left some of his followers questioning his ability as a Pastor! Now if he truly preaches Christianity, follows the guidelines, and even one of the most important of The Ten Commandments ("Thou Shalt Not Kill") then he knows that God would not condone such behavior. It's just another perfect example of the age old problem of people judging one another! According to the bible (Charles teachings), Mathew 7 confronts his behavior as this: 1 Judge not, that ye not be judged. 2 For what judgement ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mite, it shall be measured to you again. 3 And why beholdest thou the mote (speck) that is in thy brothers eye, but considerest not the beam (plank) in thine own eye? While I don't have any problem with anyone choosing to express themselves and enjoy their liberties as Gay or Lesbian, (just not for me) many do. This is mainly because of the teachings of their Organized Religion. It just goes to further prove my belief that God has the same loving relationship with all of us, but we all have a different one with Him. What's right for me may not be right for you, and what's right for you may not be right for me, but all that matters is it's right with God! Greyhound Lines Inc. has a slogan: "Go Greyhound And Leave The Driving To Us." I believe God has a slogan too: "Go God And Leave The Judging To Me." Be respectful of others, for His Will Be Done! God's Love To You All, Pastor John 

Isn't That Right Sister? Sister? SISTER! The Vatican in Rome, (which is the head of the Catholic Church) has chastised The Sisters Of Mercy (the organization which is head of all the Catholic Nuns in the U.S.) for not supporting their stand (by keeping silent) on the issues of Contraception and Abortion coverage in the new Heath Care Bill calling them "Radical Feminists," and appointing a Bishop to "oversee" their organization and make sure they are following the "rules" of the Catholic Church! The Heath Care Bill (affectionately known as "Obama Care") provides coverage and assistance in both those matters. The Catholic Church has spoken out against the Bill, stating that since it must provide health care coverage for "all" it's employees (Nuns and Priests) the Bill goes against their "Religious Beliefs, and is in violation of their "Religious Rights." Excuse me I'm not a "Financial Analyst," but if you have "employees" that receive a paycheck from which Income tax, Social Security, and Medicare are deducted don't you have a business not a Non For Profit Organization? Just saying! It seems that The Sisters aren't taking this action "lying down," lashing out against the Catholic Church and accusing them of trying to divert attention away from an on going investigation against them for decades (maybe centuries) of covering up Child Molestation, Money Laundering, and Racketeering. The "Sisters Of The Cloth" validate their silence by saying they are too busy helping others and doing God's Work to be involved in political matters, and have gained the support of many Catholics throughout the Country. You go girls! They are currently meeting to discuss the possibility of breaking away from the Catholic Church, and forming their own Non For Profit Organization. Oh no, could this mean the end of young boys without sore knuckles in Catholic Schools forever? While I believe there is a much better alternative to Abortion (Adoption) I do believe that everyone should have the right to make their own choice. God doesn't make mistakes people do, and He brings a child into this world of His own purpose. If a person makes the wrong choice and prevents it from happening, it's between them and God and their own "self conviction" will serve to punish them. Freedom is a gift, and those who chip away at others liberties are effectively chipping away at their own! Enjoy your God given gifts, and use them wisely! God's Love To You All, Pastor John   

Do You Live In A "Glass House" And Cast Stones? We've all heard the saying, "people who live in glass houses shouldn't cast stones" but what is the true meaning of that saying? Does it mean that if you throw stones someone else will throw them back at you or something totally different? I believe that saying is meant to bring everyone to the understanding that everyone makes mistakes, including themselves! So often we find ourselves chastising others for their mistakes in life, without even considering our own. That's the fabled "glass house" we build to protect our mistakes, and the "stones" are the chastising of others for theirs! Thus we bring ourselves to a false sense of security that we have done no wrong. As it turns out the only ones we're really fooling are ourselves! God, and everyone else (who has been affected by our mistakes) knows the truth. I used to live in one of those "glass houses," casting stones at everyone while hiding all of my deepest darkest secrets safely within it's glass walls. Then the glass shattered, and all those mistakes I had made in my life came pouring out! My life was an open book, and every teary page full of mistakes and regret. What did I do? I asked God for forgiveness, and apologized to those I had wronged. Now the house I live in is made of armor, and even though some continue to still cast stones of my past mistakes those stones just bounce of it's walls! It's not the fact that you make mistakes, it's what you do with them. If you use those mistakes to learn and grow from them, they become something you benefit from. If not, and you continue to try to hide them, they become your burden! Step away from your "glass houses," and use your mistakes as your strength. God's Love To You All, Pastor John

Oh Pardon Me Pope! It seems the world of Social Networking has reached an all time high! The Holy Padre Pope Francis, has promised that if you follow him on Twitter you'll get time off of Purgatory! So does that mean that the Pope has become a type of ruler of Purgatory? Or is he like a Warden in a prison, that petitions the Parole Board to release a prisoner for good behavior or time served? Maybe he has just lost touch with reality or maybe he made that promise to help cover up some of the scandal that has recently fallen upon the Catholic Church! Irregardless, neither the Pope nor anyone else on this Earth has the power to forgive or decide the length of punishment or type of punishment anyone will receive for their sins! God is the only one who can forgive us or decide our punishment, and I believe we have a loving, caring, forgiving God not One who wants to punish us or keep us (for a time) from receiving our promised Eternal Salvation! Social Networking can fun, but it can also be very damaging and embarrassing as one Former NY Congressman found out when he requested several young women to "Follow His Peter On Tweeter!" Keep the Social Networking for family and "close" friends. Instead, ask God for His forgiveness! God's Love To You All, Pastor John