Our Mission: We are an online ministry devoted to truth! The truth of God's love and understanding for us regardless of what Lifestyle choices we have made. Pastor John is an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church, and has been involved in the Swinger Lifestyle for over twenty year's. He accepted his new found faith, and ultimate calling to ministry over fifteen year's ago, and although the hatred, greed, selfishness, and non acceptance of other's has been stripped from his life his desire to explore and live his Lifestyle choices still stands strong. His call to ministry has opened many new door's, and he believes that the Lifestyle can strengthen marriages and long term relationships. This he feels can be achieved through the elimination of jealousy, the building of trust between one another, and not having to venture outside your relationship for physical, emotional or companion type needs. He is happily married, and together he and his wife live, love, and enjoy the Lifestyle as God has intended, for their pleasure! If you or anyone you know are struggling in a marriage or long term relationship or those who are from the LGBTQ community struggling with acceptance, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thoughts: It's not how much you have, it's what you have! The first step to perfection, is to admit your imperfections!

Donations: Although there is a certain amount of expense involved in the operation of this ministry we do not except monitary donations. We believe your efforts should be focused on those who are in need of help as we are all God's Vessels sent to others during their time of need. Pastor John would someday love to build a facility where he could speak God's Truth to the masses. Until then use the gifts God gave you, to do His Work.      
       God's Light Of Understanding And Acceptance!