Pastor John's Testimony: As we go through life we have so many signs from God, and He is constantly pulling at our heart strings. I can remember as a child feeling I shouldn't do something, but doing it anyway only to have it end up in disaster! God is always trying to keep us on the right path, but of course we all have that little obstacle called free will. I was raised Catholic, and always believed there was a God. Without going into detail, let's just say I wasn't the person I am today. A successful automotive business, family, friends, big fancy house, toy's, you name it! Wow you must be thinking, he had everything. Everything but the most important thing, God! I lived for the world, and all it had to give consumed by greed and selfishness. Mine all mine, get the picture? Then one day my world came crashing down around me! It started with the destruction of my family resulting in a bitter divorce (from my first wife), and my whole life began to collapse like a house of cards. I blamed everyone, (except myself) for everything that was happening to me. I fought long and hard to keep everything the world had given me, but it just kept slipping away. One day I received a phone call from a friend of mine who is a family councilor, asking me if I would come to his office. When I got there he told me he was contacted by my youngest sons teacher, and that she had found a note written by him stating he planed to kill himself because he could no longer handle the stress I was putting him through. At that time I felt empty, and alone. All my worldly possessions I held so dearly disappearing before my eye's, and now causing my son, whom I love dearly to contemplate suicide as a way to escape the mental anguish he was feeling. The room became dark, and my friend began to speak, in a voice I had never heard before (my friend was Italian from NY). It was a calm and soothing voice. Then I saw a vision of Jesus carrying a cross on his shoulder through the cobble stone streets, and every time He dropped it He was whipped on the back until the skin was gone, and nothing could be seen but bone. The voice spoke to me again and said, "This is how much I love you, I died for you! The voice then asked me, "are willing to die for Me?" "If I want to take you with Me right now, are willing to go?" I replied, I have nothing left of this world to live for! The room lit up with a glow of light far greater then any incandescent bulb could provide, and the voice said "I have taken your old life, and given you new!" After that my eye's were wide open, and I felt a peace come over me like nothing I had ever felt before. The things that I thought were so important didn't matter anymore. All the greed, and selfishness had been stripped from me, and for the first time in my life I felt alive with love. God's Love, and His purpose for me! I've gone on to do many great things in my life, and help many people in God's name. God has blessed me with love, happiness, and continues to supply all my needs. Just as He has promised us all! Am I perfect? No, just forgiven! God's Love To You All, Pastor John