The same way God welcome's us all with open arm's, this ministry welcome's you! I'm Pastor John, Pastor and Founder of Liberated Spiritual Life Styler's an online non-denominational ministry dedicated to truth. I'm an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church, and feel compelled to let everyone know that whatever Lifestyle choice you have chosen to express yourself as, God still love's you and still has a purpose for you. God's purpose for all  us is to love one another, accept one another, and help one another! These day's the world has fallen short of allowing us to fulfill our purpose to God, as it has become full of hatred, greed, selfishness, and non acceptance. Even the very one's who proclaim to be doing God's Work have turned on us, and chosen to follow the world chastising us for making a Lifestyle choice that is not consistent with their teaching's. To that I say, "Let he without sin cast the first stone!" The purpose of this ministry is to bring acceptance through understanding. The understanding of God's love and acceptance of us all as He states in His own word's, "Come just as you are!" God Bless You All, Pastor John